I have been been playing instruments since the age of seven where I was first introduced
to the Drums, growing up with a musical family meant there was always a guitar or keyboard
to play on, over the years I took interest in the keyboard and finally the Guitar at age 15.
Now that im older I realise what an important role playing the drums has been to my guitar playing,
in terms of groove/timing etc.

However, after years of teaching myself to play I hit that barrier that we all hit when we
realise we are no longer progressing like we used to be, so I decided to do something about
it by getting professional lessons at Guildford's ACM Music College, it was here I was able to fine tune
my playing and learn many new skills and techniques. The most valuable thing I
learnt though was that actually you never stop learning.

After leaving college I joined Bongiovi, started teaching from home, and set up my own
backing track company - If your interested in any of these, you can find all the info about
this on the Projects page of this site.

I have done some dep work for various bands which I really enjoyed and will admit that one of
my long term goals is to break through into the world of session work.